The Trenton Makes Bridge on a Cold Morning in January

I pass this very regularly on my way to work every morning and after thinking about it more times than I can remember, this morning was my first time actually stopping to get this shot.  I say first time because there will be more times to get a better photo now that I’ve done it once and know where I need to improve.

Trenton Makes Bridge
Lower Trenton Bridge aka The Trenton Makes Bridge | January 19, 2018 | 8:45 AM

I had to pull to the side of Rt. 29 and get out of my vehicle to take this.  I could hear my husband’s disapproval loud and clear in my head as I nervously hurried to pan smoothly.  He worries about how I so easily throw common sense out the window when it comes to getting a photo I want.

Trenton Makes Pano
Lower Trenton Bridge aka The Trenton Makes Bridge | January 19, 2018 | 8:45 AM

Here you can see the ice that’s formed in the Delaware River and how high the river is.  There’s been some thawing, which caused some flooding, some road closures and some water filtration issues within the city, but I can tell you that it’s still cold AF out there.

Up the highway a little further (wait, maybe I want to say down the highway? I think maybe it’s actually to the South of this), where there’s no shoulder to pull off onto to get a photo, the ice has all clustered together in big chunks and has come to a standstill.  In one spot along the river you can see where a large tree has been uprooted and gotten caught in the slow moving powerful buildup.  It stands tall out of the frozen mixture almost as if it’s proud to have been taken out in such a grand way and it’s now praying up to the Mother Nature gods with gratitude.

I look forward to getting a clean long exposure shot of this bridge at night with my Nikon.  That’ll obviously take more time and will include more risk, but it’ll be worth it!

Happy Friday!



Grounds for Sculpture

I went on the Colors of Autumn tour offered at Grounds for Sculpture located in Hamilton Township today. It was about an hour walk around of a small portion of the area with our guide educating us on a bit of the history on the grounds as well as much of the trees and plant life that were all planted and arranged by the Grounds for Sculpture staff.

Afterwards, Dave and the kids met me and we walked around for a couple more hours until meeting some family for lunch. The weather was perfect and it was a lovely day.  OK, real talk, it was just a little chilly, so maybe Dave and I sipped some whiskey while we meandered around to keep us warm.

Here are some photos I took with my Nikon d3200.





Today was all about the Autumn colors for me, so I didn’t focus too much on any of the actual sculptures in my photography, but they are there in abundance.

Grounds for Sculpture is a beautiful location in New Jersey that I highly recommend if you’re ever in the area!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!





That Autumn Writing Itch

I don’t know exactly what it is about this time of year that makes me want to be active on this blog again.  Maybe it’s the coolness in the air making me want to create a space where everything I love can be closer to me, cozy and warm.  Or maybe it’s me wanting to remain mentally stretched out into the world while settling in to these colder months of physical hibernation.

As the temperature slowly drops, I’ve found myself in a state of complete “need to get the fuck out” desperation.  My husband David will tell you I’m notorious for getting really excited and jumping both feet in to new projects and ideas (for about a week or two until the next thing catches my attention), so he’s a little less than thrilled that I’m currently obsessed with bike touring.  Why is my ever so supportive and encouraging husband not so thrilled this time you may ask?  Well, because I’m not brave enough to go alone, so he’ll be dragged along with me!

I’ve been reading blogs written by experienced bike adventurers, researching bikes, and mentally brainstorming how and where I could pull off an actual tour with what I currently already own.  I’m not sure if there’s a minimal amount of miles that turns a regular bike ride into a tour, but I’m a complete novice, so let’s just say anything out of my neighborhood counts.  Ok?  Ok.

Since I have such a need for instant gratification (having zero patience and being an ADHD hobbyist and all) I’ve booked us a trip!  It’s a short and cushy overnight trip up the Delaware Raritan Canal path and we’ll not wild camp as I hope to one day be an expert at (and by expert I mean devoted and eager assistant to David’s much more adequate wilderness and camping skills), but it’s a start.

We go a couple weekends from now and I plan to write all about it here if you’d like to check it out.

Side note: If you can see it too, I don’t know WTF is with this ad nonsense down there 👇, but unless I’m getting paid for it (which I’m not that I’m aware of), I need it to go ahead and get outta here! I’ll figure out.

Thanks for reading!


How do I start a blog again? It’s been so long I forget. If you’re here and reading this, I feel like I want to be polite and greet you properly, so… hello.

Yesterday I had to sit through two meetings at work first thing in the morning. The first one started an hour earlier than I usually come in and since it’s up to me to set everything up, I had to actually arrive an hour and a half earlier than I normally do. I won’t even go in to the amount of planning and preparation it takes for me to disrupt my very detailed, very precise schedule in the morning. Yeah, it’s that much.

These meetings. Corporate. Fucking. Malarkey. I’m not sure it’s possible for any more smoke to be blown up such a room full of asses. Then again, the Presidential Debate happened last night, so I bite my (typing) tongue. Why do we live like this? I’m not going to answer that now, but I’ll get in to this question later. Ok, so… these meetings. The first one was certainly a lot of blah blah blah about things I already don’t remember and won’t work too hard to bring myself to even try. I don’t want to sound SO cynical, but I’m a glass half empty type of gal when it comes to certain things. When it comes to anything corporate related, we can just go ahead and empty that glass completely. When the second meeting was about to begin, I immediately softened a bit because one of the ladies presenting it was a little white-haired nun… the type of lady you see and wish she was your Grandma or hell at my age I guess Mom even. Haha… nooooo, I’m not THAT old. Just warm and inviting and probably a real good hugger. A whole lot of…

WAIT! OMG, DID I SAY “HELL” IN THE SAME SENTENCE THAT I’M TELLING YOU ABOUT THE NUN? Fuck, I’m sorry. Fuck, I just typed “fuck”! What is wrong with me!? I’m sorry again. I don’t know who I’m apologizing to, but from what little I do know about it all, I know they must hear me.

Ok, where was I? Oh, yes, the lovely little nun. The button nosed, pursed lips, whited haired little package of enormous proportions. Obviously filled with an endless supply of forgiveness and compassion. She was the real deal. Anyway, I softened immediately and was ready to give her my full attention. Then the other lady started talking and I was an emotional stone again, my attention swiftly flying right out the window just like all the smoke the corporate presenters from the meeting before took with them when they left. I tried hard to focus. She spoke of another one of our company’s locations, 90 acres of beauty where you can see fox and deer frolicking about amongst the lush greenery. Did I mention we work in the city? Look out of our windows and all you see is concrete, poverty, gang banging, shootings, drug deals… I suppose it could be beautiful in it’s own way. Survival y’all. Just in a different setting. Who am I to judge. It didn’t feel right though… her standing there with her airy talk about all the things so lovely.

More blah blah blah and then my Grandma, I mean the nun started talking. I listened. Finally someone who spoke in a real way about real things. I won’t go into all of what she said, but I’ll touch instead on what I took from it. In a nutshell, the topic was the “Spark” we all have inside of us. This is what brings me back to my question from earlier, “Why do we live like this?” I should rephrase, “Why do I live like this?” I don’t live a bad life. I live an amazing life actually. I’m sure even my nun would review my life and consider me to be very blessed. Internally though, I’ve buried my “Spark” in everything around me that has made my life so blessed. This is where things will get confusing and if I haven’t lost you already, I’m sure I will. I can’t even guarantee that I’ll be able to follow what I’m saying.

I spent a good 10 minutes just sitting here staring at the screen trying to figure out how to put into words what I want to say now, BUT my blessed life is calling. That about sums it up.

Quiet Spell

I’m sitting here on my bed, finally typing to you on my Lenovo S10-3t.  It took about 20 minutes for this machine to turn on, load up, open the internet, sign in to WordPress and allow me to begin this post.  In that time a million things, important things, meaningful things, that I had to say came and went.  That’s what’s funny about those thoughtful things…sometimes they leave as quickly as they come.

We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.
-Santosh Kalwar

I haven’t had a lot to come here and say, but in my silence…EVERYTHING has been magnified.  I’m patiently waiting for the spark, the focus, the bravery to come and bring this blog back to life.  I’m finally awake again though.  Looking down the long dark tunnel of my brain into the tiny beacon of light and love that I know awaits me at the end.

Quieting the influence of my ego and my fears; basking in the refreshed reality to bring to you everything that I actually am…



Acadia – Thursday, July 2

Just a quick hello. We’re spending the majority of our day today in Bar Harbor. We hiked along the coast a bit and then had lunch at Cherrystones and then went for ice cream (I forget the name of the place). Now we’re sitting on the hill at Agamont Park waiting for our whale watching tour to begin while the kids skip rocks in the Harbor. All pretty delightful stuff. 🙂

Agamont Park, Bar Harbor

I want to have my dogs brought here and never leave.



Acadia Update

Well, it’s been longer than I expected before I could post. We have no service in the park and in our campground and my phone’s been dead most of the time anyway. Sorry for it being so long, but it was blissfully out of my control. 🙂

We’re having an amazing time so far!!! This will be a brief post because I’m only taking advantage of a little drive we’re taking. We did a little two mile hike before the rain kicked in and now we’re headed to our official coffee spot in Bar Harbor called The Independent. We’re taking the long way around because Aiden fell asleep, so we firgured we’d give him more time for his power nap.

We’ve been hiking and biking (Alex is officially on two wheels and a professional!!!) a lot. A LOT lot. We had a beach day, have eaten some fresh lobster, had a hot showers last night, played Monopoly in our tent while it rained one day…and so much more! Those are just highlights I thought of now.

Here are a couple pics…

Sand Beach - Acadia National Park
Cadillac Mountain Sunset

Everything has been great and I foresee it continuing as such. I’ll leave my phone to charge up some now and come back to give you more details as soon as I can.



Acadia 2015

While I just decided that I’m shutting my online down, I can’t help but think about how it will be fun to share our camping experience to a few folks who I know will enjoy staying “in-the-know” (Dad and Joyce!). Therefore, I’ve decided to include what I can while we’re away here in my blog. I really don’t know how much access I’ll have to the internet while in the woods up North, but I’ll do my best.

Looking forward to a whole lot of nothing while camping out, meaning no schedules, no work, no clocks, no worries, no (ok, very little) electronics…etc.

We leave tomorrow at 9pm for an early Saturday morning arrival at our campground in Acadia National Park.

See you in the woods!