Monotony Hacks

A lot of us go about our every day, trapped in a rhythmic schedule of what’s become an almost robotic monotony during the work week.  Alarm goes off at 6am, finally force yourself out of bed at 6:30, hurry to get ready for your (and maybe your kid/s) day, drive to work, work, drive home, cook dinner, take the kids to their activities, clean and straighten the house up, go to sleep, repeat.  Maybe it doesn’t look exactly like this for you, but can you relate to the gist here?

For me, although a necessary and comfortable way of living at the moment, it can become suffocating.  Where did the week go and what did I really do with it?  Next week will be exactly the same?! (insert screaming sadness emojie here)  OMG, where’s the excitement in my life??!?

Did you feel the animation bubble up within you while reading those last few sentences?  If you’re with me and the monotony of your cookie-cutter, responsible way of living every day gets you a little down sometimes, keep reading.  I’ve put together a list of a few simple ways you can embrace your spontaneity once again and help put a little extra bounce in your step while still maintaining all of your regular responsibilities.

  1. Take a different route to work.
    Map it out! This can be fun and while it may add a little extra time to your drive, the change will do you good.  The different scenery, roads, stops, traffic patterns… all will work wonders on how you mentally start your day.
  2. Trick your nose.
    Just by changing what you smell, can mentally put you on another level.  Find a perfume, body spray, or lotion that you wouldn’t have normally gone for, but still like. Put it away an only use it every once in a while.  I keep a stash of the lotion they give you in the hotel rooms in Mexico that have a very distinctive scent.  Every now and then, I’ll wear it and it transports me back to warm days in the sun at the pool, sipping a cocktail while listening to the ocean waves without a care in the World.  The change can help elevate your mood!  Don’t just limit this to what you wear.  Invest in a warming plate for a candle in your office and switch it up every now and then! 
  3. Have a vehicle swap day.
    Trade cars with your spouse or even a friend for a day!  I’ve only ever done this when I’ve had to, but going from my little car to my husband’s giant pick-up is kind of a big deal.  Even when I’m done work and have forgotten I’ve got his truck, then seeing it in the parking lot instead of my car gives me some of the good feels.  Also, side bonus, it smells like him and going back to number 2 on this list… all the chemical releasing deliciousness in my brain yums.
  4. Take full advantage of your lunch break.
    Um, hello.  Do I even have to with this one?  Food!!! Starting anything off with food is always a positive, am I right?  Do you normally order from the same 3 places near your job that everyone else in the office does? Do you always pack your lunch and eat it at your desk or in the lunch room? Switch it up!  Go online and do a search for what’s in your area.  I did this recently and was more than pleasantly surprised to find so many amazing little places to eat right here within just a few miles of my work place.  Expand your knowledge of what’s right under your nose and give those taste buds something new!
  5. Play hooky.
    Take a day for yourself!!!  Send the kids off to school, call out of work and do YOU!  Whatever YOU want to do!  I admit, this one is filled with guilt for me because normally my every day is dedicated to everything work and/or kids related, but I can tell you that feeling passes after about an hour.  Take a bike ride, go sky diving, take yourself to the movies, snuggle naked in bed all day with a good book… whatever you’d like to do, but normally can’t because of your day-to-day grind.  Mental health days are an absolute must every now and then and they will help you refocus, relax and be a happier you. For an extra perk, plan a hooky day with your spouse or a friend and enjoy!

These are just a few things I do to help keep life lively.  There are many things, big and small, you can do to switch things up to be sure you’re living your happiest life.  Be brave, shut those thoughts filled with excuses up for a minute and remember that you’re in charge of your own happiness.  Maybe you do have to be “trapped” in the monotony of your day-to-day at the moment, but the beauty is, that’s just the big picture.  How you color in all the details that shape that big picture is up to you.

Do you have other ways of breaking the monotony?  Share them in the comments below… I’d LOVE to color my life with your ideas too!


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